The process of enrollment in private schools or universities requires a lot of effort and effort. School or university grades, letters of recommendation and essays are a kind of pass to enrollment. The results of entrance examinations or specialized tests are crucial.


British educational institutions, both private and public, care about their reputation. Only those who have passed a number of entrance tests, including UKiset, can study there. It is necessary to pass it to those who want to study in private schools in the UK or in educational institutions, where the British educational system operates. The exam provides an assessment of academic potential, as well as the level of knowledge of the English language. In addition, the test results will make it clear how well the potential student’s logic is developed and how quickly he can adapt to the new learning environment.

The test consists of 4 points. The first point is the solution of problems with the presence of graphs, pictures and diagrams. In the second part of the exam, oral language skills, conversation skills and conversation support are tested. The third stage is the testing of mathematical abilities. The last part of the test is also related to knowledge of the English language, and more precisely with key skills: grammar, vocabulary, listening and writing. The exam is taken remotely in special accredited centers. 2.5 hours are allocated for testing, taking into account the break. The test result is valid for 1 year.


Testing for students in grades 3-11 for admission to international or North American schools. Based on the test results, the school board decides on enrollment. Testing is divided into three levels: Elementary level (3-4 grade), Middle (5-7) and Upper (8-11).

The purpose of testing is to identify different academic skills. In essence, this is a test of the student’s readiness to study according to the curriculum of an independent or private educational institution. The exam is divided into three points: test of oral skills (ability to answer questions and argue the point of view), ability to perceive read information, and also knowledge of mathematics. The test does not provide information about creative skills, the level of motivation and the desire to learn, only three key skills: reading, verbal ability, computation.

The exam consists of 4 parts and lasts 2.5 hours without taking breaks. The first part of the test is called the “computational section”, as it includes mathematical tasks. The second stage is reading, where you need to answer questions to read text fragments. The next part is the verbal, it evaluates the lexical stock and logic. The final stage of the exam is to write an essay or a creative essay, in other words. The total score is determined by the number of correct answers, for each wrong answer 1.4 points are removed. Questions that the student did not answer are not counted at all.


GMAT – General Exam for those. who plans to study at business schools. Test results are accepted as an entrance exam in more than 1,500 educational institutions around the world. Testing includes evaluation of analytical writing, integrated thinking and the verbal part. The first part is an essay in which you need to make an analysis of the logic of constructing arguments. The second consists of more than 10 tasks and allows you to determine the level of a student’s abilities in evaluating data from different sources. The third item of the exam consists of verbal and quantitative parts. In the last part of the test, problem solving skills as well as verbal skills necessary for successful learning are tested.

The test takes 4 hours, during which there are two breaks of 10 minutes. The exam is taken remotely using a computer. The exam is arranged in such a way that each subsequent question depends on the answer to the previous one. The more correct answers given, the more difficult new questions become. This may seem obvious, but in the process of testing you need to be extremely careful and carefully consider each answer, since you cannot change or return to the previous question.

Istudy specialists will help determine which test to take. An individual consultation is held for each client. Students are provided support at all stages of enrollment, including the search for preparatory exam courses and registration for testing.

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